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BRCGS Food Safety issue 9 - Are you ready?!

The Food Safety standard is the leading Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) scheme, and the most widely accepted by specifiers, brands and retailers.

Manufacturers with the BRCGS certification have many food safety benefits and have been shown to perform better than both non-certified sites, as well as those with other GFSI programmes. A clear point of difference between BRCGS Food Safety and other certification schemes is a compliance programme that provides control over the operational delivery of its certification programmes. This includes delivery partner performance management, and management of auditor competence based on exams and food safety training.

Independent research, carried out by the University of Birkbeck, demonstrates that organisations operating to BRCGS standards improve food safety, operational efficiency, commercial growth, improved profitability and broad-based innovation.

BRCGS Global standard for food safety issue 9 is:

  • Widely accepted and specified by many retailers, manufacturers, ingredients companies, food service organizations and raw material processors worldwide as part of their supplier approval process.

  • Compliance with a standard that is in line with GFSI 2020 requirements, and covered by recognized IAF accreditation

  • Address consumer assurance demands and demonstrate industry best practice by encouraging the development of a product safety culture

  • Demonstrate regulatory compliance

  • Reduced costs of failure

  • Improved business improvement through continual improvement by enhancing root cause analysis and internal audit requirements, as well as access to BRCGS Service Package


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